Letter III

Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2006 11:08:23 +0400
From: "Nata" <magnetic06@lilyway.com>
To: XXXXXXXX@yahoo.com
Subject: Hello from Natalia!

Hello XXXXXXXX This is Natalia! Today is Monday and I can write you new e-mail! How are you? Hope your weekend was nice. I had a good weekend together with my friends. We moved to the riverside and spent nice time. We got tan and swam. Also we had picnic there and had a lot of fun! It was nice time. Do you like to swim? Do you like get tan? XXXXXXXX I can't write you more right now because I have to go to work but I promise I will write you long letter and will tell you more about myself tomorrow!

Best regards, Natalia(Nata)

P.S. Here is other picture for you XXXXXXXX. I prepared some pictures and will send it to you soon!

Another short letter, but the picture, hmmmmmm....