Letter VI

Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2006 10:47:43 +0400
From: "Nata" <magnetic06@lilyway.com>
To: XXXXXXXX@yahoo.com
Subject: Here is a map!

Hi from Natalia! Today is nice day here. The sun shining is brightly and the sky is clear! It's a hot day! Temperature is about + 28 Celsius. I found out that in your country you use fahrenheit and don't use celsius. Am I right XXXXXXXX? I don't know how to convert it to fahrenheit, sorry. I hope you can do it. How are you doing today? I want to let you now I am feeling good! XXXXXXXX I found and prepared map of location of my town. So I have attached it to this letter as I said before. Now you can see where I am living. My town was established in 1936 year. It's young town and it's not big. The population of Chernogorsk is about 79 thousands of people! We have here textile and coal enterprises. We have some factories which manufacture cloth and develop leather. Also there are three coal mines Main part of our town population work in this sphere of industry. There is one museum and some churches. Do you know that main part of russian people are orthodox christians. The common religion in russia is Ortodox Christianity but also we have here Islam. These two religions are biggest in russia. Also we have other religions, but it's not very prevalent. Can you tell me about religions in your country more? In Russia my town is a small town. More big town near Chernogorsk is Abakan. You can see it on the map too. It's a capital of our area. The name of our area is republic Khakassia. My town is located in the middle of Russia - in the Siberia. That's all information I wanted to tell you about my town. XXXXXXXX, can you tell me more about your home place too? I think it will be interesting to hear from you about it. I just would like to know more about you and your country. I think it's usual curiosity. I believe you feel the same if you really interested in corresponding with me. I will finish my letter now! I just want to tell you that I will write you more tomorrow and will present you some information about my work and about my interests in life. See you tomorrow! XXXXXXXX, please write me! I will wait your e-mail!

Your friend Natalia(Nata).

Hmmmmm, No pictures of our dearest NATA??? But she sends a map, like no one has ever heard of Goo*** Maps or Mapqu***.