Letter VII

Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2006 10:32:33 +0400
From: "Nata" <magnetic06@lilyway.com>
To: XXXXXXXX@yahoo.com
Subject: More details about me..

Hello from Russia! This is Natalia. Hope you glad to see my message today! XXXXXXXX, how are you doing today? I am feeling good! How the weather there? We have good warm day today. But I heard on the radio weather forecasters said tomorrow we will have rain and more cool weather. I think it will be good because we already had a lot of hot days here and I know that many people are tired because of this heat. Do you like hot weather? Or do you like when the weather is cool? XXXXXXXX, do you like cold weather(winter)? Do you like snow? I like it! I like winter but also I like summer. These seasons are my favorite. What about you? Do you know that during winter we have very cold weather? Sometime temperature is about -45 Celsius! Brr-r-r-r. It's very, VERY COLD! Do you have cold weather like in my region? I just not sure. In this letter I want to tell you more about myself. As you know I am active lady and I like to live in movement. I like sport. I mean I like to watch sport and to play sports. My favorite kinds of sport are swimming, ski, skate, tennis, basketball, bike sport and sport dances. In the winter I like to have cross country skiing. Also I go often to icerink for a ride on a skates. In the summer I like to go to river or to lake to swim. I have a bike and I like to ride on it. Do you know that I drive mountain bike. I have some pictures of me on a bike and I will send it to you soon. I am very interested in this kind of sport and I think it's great think to ride on a bike cross country. Can you tell me about your interests in sport? I want to ask XXXXXXXX, do you like animals and pets? What is your favorite? My favorite are cats and dogs! I have a cat and here is a picture of me and my cat named Suzy. What is your favorite animals? I like dolphins, tigers, panthers, squirrels and other. I hope to hear about your favorite animals too. Also I want to ask you what is your favorite color? I like red, green and blue colors. Do you like music? Do you like to listen music? Perhaps you can play music? Do you like to dance? I can play piano. I studied it during 4 years and I can play not bad. I like to listen music. I can listen different types of music. For example: classic, rock, dance and pop music. My favorite bands and singers are U2, Cold play, Sheryl Crow, Depeche mode, Madonna, Roxette, A-HA, Robbie Williams and other. Also I like Russian music but I am not sure that you know someone form our singers. Maybe I am mistaken. Please if you know and listen some Russian music tell me about it. I am very interested to know about it. I will wait for your next letter and will be glad if you will tell me about things I asked. Sorry but is not enough time to write you more today but I will write you tomorrow. Don't worry XXXXXXXX. I understand that I didn't tell you about all my interests and about my work but I tell you about it tomorrow! Bye! See you soon!

Sincerely, your friend Natalia(Nata).

P.S. Almost forgot this picture was taken two years ago.

hehe, here kitty kitty kitty, I wann play with a "kitty" ... DO all russian cats look stuff and drunk??