Letter IX

Date: Tue, 4 Jul 2006 14:59:07 +0400
From: "Nata" <magnetic06@lilyway.com>
To: XXXXXXXX@yahoo.com
Subject: Glad to write you today!

Today is Tuesday and I want to tell you Hi XXXXXXXX! You know I missed your e-mail during weekend. I was wondered that I began to miss your letters and want to find it in my mail box more strongly. I don't understand the reason of it for now but it's really happened. I suppose I just very strongly interested in knowing you and it's just my curiosity. I think you want to know me better too and I will tell you about myself all what you want. Ok, let's start: I remember that I didn't tell you about some my basic parameters but I think you could see it on my pictures I sent you! All the same I will write about it here. As you could see earlier XXXXXXXX my eyes are green and my hair now is rufous. My natural color of hair is light brown. Sometimes I change color of my hairs. Now it's rufous and I think I will change it again soon. I like to try different color shades. I really hope you can understand my letters without big problems. I studied english in school about 5 years and also about 2 years in the university. This is usual thing here. Almost all people learn foreign languages in the school and in other educational institutions. Are these things the same in your country? I want to ask you do you like to watch movies? I like it. We can see here a lot of american movies. Also we have russian movies here but last time American movies more prevalent here. I like to watch different types of movies. I can watch with pleasure comedies, action movies, fiction movies and other. The main thing for me is presence of interesting story and nice actors play. My favorite movies are Tristan and Isolde, Troy, Gladiator, Minority Report, Sixth Sense, Pirates of the Caribbean Sea anf other. My favorite actors are Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Bruce Willis, Michelle Pfiffer, Nikole Kidman. Can you tell me about your preferences in movies? Do you like to read books? When I was little girl I read a lot. Now I am reading not so often but all the same I like to read. My favorite writers are M. Lermontov, A. Block, M. Bulgakov. It's russian writers and poets. Also I read books of foreign writers, for example: Rafael Sabatini, Curt Wonegood, William Shakespear, Steven King and other. I am not sure about correct spelling of name of writers and actors but I hope it's not a problem. XXXXXXXX, I think you can understand whom I told you about? Also I want to tell about my hobbies: as you know I like mountain bike and it's one of my hobbies. I spend a lot of time to ride on a bike in the summer. Of course If I have free time. I like to ride on a bike together with my friends. I have a little dream. I want to try to ride on a speedy motorcycle one day. I think it would be great! Second hobby is flowers and plants. I mean I like to take care about it. I have a lot of different plants and flowers in my apartment. I have attached some pictures for you that you could see more about my hobbies. I hope you will like this photos. That's all for now XXXXXXXX, I will wait for your response with great impatience and of course will write to you tomorrow.

Your Natalia(Nata).

P.S. I want to ask you do you have holiday the Independence day there? I am not usre but I think it's 4th Jule. If so have a nice Independence Day! If not I am sorry for my mistake. I just not sure.

So, she emails an American, and then second guesses the 4th of July, I mean it is not like the 4th of July is on the 5th of July or anything like that. And Whaddup with the flowers, are they hers, or just random??