Letter X

Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2006 11:00:17 +0400
From: "Nata" <magnetic06@lilyway.com>
To: XXXXXXXX@yahoo.com
Subject: Hello again...


Hello my dear friend XXXXXXXX! I prepared new picture for you. I got it in my computer at my work and now I will attach it to this letter. This picture of me with my bike. I think you remember that I like bike and like mountain bike sport. As I wrote you on Saturday my weekend was usual. I cleared my apartment and on Sunday I spent time together with my parents. Tomorrow I will send picture of them I think you would like to see them. I would like if you will do the same for me. I told them that I met foreign guy and I am corresponding with him. They was pleasantly surprised and asked me about picture of you for them. I answered I will do it but some later. I want to tell you little more information about my parents. Firstly about names. My father's name is Andrey. My mother's name is Veronika. My dad is 53 years old now. My mom is 50. My dad work on the one of our textile factory here is technician who watch for equipment and repair it if it's necessary. My mom is teacher in the school. She teach russian language and literature. Also we have some relatives who live in other cities of russia. Usually we contacts each other not often. But one or two times per year we have meeting. Sometime we visit them but sometimes contrariwise. I want to let you know also I am single child in the family. I have no brothers and sisters. If to be honest all the time I dreamed and imagined that I have brother or sister. I envy to people who have brothers and sisters. I understand that all parent's love, attention and care were mine but I think it would be great if I would have brother or sister. I think it's always better if you are not alone. Now about my work. I work in the finance sphere. I am account department employee. I have a degree of accountant. I studied for 5 years in the University of Abakan city. Now I am working in food shop of our town. Our shop is not big but I believe we sell almost necessary and popular food mostly. We have some shops like our in Chernogorsk but we don't have big supermarkets. Do you have it in your region? We have one in the Abakan but here there is no any one. I like supermarkets because you can buy all what you need in one place. Do you agree with me? XXXXXXXX, Do you like to go to supermarket? Do you like shopping at all? I like to go to the shop but I want to tell you that I don't go there just to watch for something. If I will go to shop I know what I want to buy and I will buy it. I think I am practical person. It may look strange because I am woman but it's true. I know that almost all women like to go shopping and if they have opportunity to do it often they would go there some times per day or they would live there at all(Smile). Do you agree? But I am not this person. I think it's the life forced me to be some practical. Because some of our conditions of life here are not good. Also many people have not good wages and can't allow to buy a lot of things. I have not big wage too. But I will try to make my life better and will try to get more good job. I think people don't need to stop on the obtained level, they need to go further and to set up new purposes. What do you think about it XXXXXXXX? Now I have to go. Today is a hard work day for me. Sorry I was not able to write you about all what I want but tomorrow I will tell you more. I will wait for your response tomorrow. See you XXXXXXXX!

Your friend Natalia(Nata).

Busy little Russian, by this time, I had only replied to 4 mails, phishing for a hint of who was behind them.