Letter XI

Date: Thu, 6 Jul 2006 10:55:26 +0400
From: "Nata" <magnetic06@lilyway.com>
To: XXXXXXXX@yahoo.com
Subject: My parents.


Hello from Natalia. Hope you glad to hear from me today. How are you there XXXXXXXX? I am fine. Today I have not a lot of work and I decided to spend some of my free time to write you long message. As I said yesterday I wil send picture of me and my parents. Here is it. I have attached picture to this letter. This picture was taken some years ago when we together have been in the Saint Petersburg! I think I already wrote you that some time ago we visit our relatives sometimes. So we have been in Saint Petersburg two years ago. We visited my aunt. I already wrote you about it earlier and sent picture with giraffe. Do you remember? Here is other picture. We are on the square. Usually I don't travel often and I have never been in other country. I just travelled to different cities of our country. Also I have been on the Black sea in the city named Sochi. XXXXXXXX, did you hear about it? I mean city. It's most popular resort in the Russia. Also I have been one time on the Caspian Sea in the City named Astrahan'. I know also people like to goto Mountain named Elbrus. It's a mountain ski resort of russia. Can you tell me about popular resorts in your country? I want to tell you one thing, about my purpose in life. My first and main purpose is to find nice guy who will love me and to create my own family together with him. I want to have children. I have no them right now and didn't have before. I want to have one or two boys and one girl. I think it will be great time in my life when I will meet man of my life and when I will have kids. I will do all what I can to make my dream by reality. Also I want to let you know that I had relations with men here in russia but I was no lucky because all guys I met wanted only one thing from me - to lie down together with them in bed. They just wanted only sex and no more. They didn't need in relations and didn't want to create family. After one or two nights together I didn't heard from them at all. It was bad tiem for me. I was depressed.I was hurted two times and don't want the repeating of it again. Also a lot of guys here liek to drink a lot. And I don't like it. I know that in our country all the time men liked to drink and we have here many heavy drinkers. This is really big our national problem here. I am social drinker and can drink sometimes little bit of wine, champagne or beer. But I never drink a lot! Also I am non smoker and never tried drugs. I am healthy and sport person and I don't want that my kids would be ill or would have declension in evolution. Can you understand what I did mean? Maybe I express my thoughts wrong. I just not sure for 100%. I want to see my children healthy and joyful. I like children, I want to take care about them and want to bring up them as good people. Becaue children are our future and we are responsible for our future and for next generations. What future we can build if we will not devote time to bringing up of our children??? What do you think about it XXXXXXXX? So you know about reasons why I did start to find man in other country. Maybe I will be more lucky and could find man of my life. I want to find person who would be kind, honest, romantic and who can to take care about his woman. And I want to tell you I am glad that I found you and now we can write to each other and to learn more about both of us. Do you feel the same? XXXXXXXX, let me know, ok? This is all for now. I hope to find message from you in my mailbox tomorrow. I will wait your response with impatience!

Your friend Natalia.

P.S. Almost forgot, on the picture you can see my mom, my dad and my aunt. Aunt on the left of foto.

Looking like a nubile little conehead, but I guess you wear what keeps you warm in Siberia, or Krakhassia, or wherever.