Letter XIII

Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2006 11:43:37 +0400
From: "Natalia" <magnetic06@lilyway.com>
To: XXXXXXXX@yahoo.com
Subject: Glad to write you today!


Hello from your friend Natalia. How was your weekend? Mine was good. I spent time together with my friends. We went to the cinema to watch animation film "Cars". It was funny and nice film. Did you see it? We liked it very much! I like to watch animation film at all. How are you today XXXXXXXX? I am feeling good. Today weather is very nice. The temperature is about 27 Celsius. It's a little hot. and weather forecasters said that tomorrow the weather will be more hotter than today. Yesterday I saw news report on tv about catastrophe in Irkutsk city, Russia. The airplane was crushed and about 130 people was dead. Did you hear something about it? Also I heard that Italian football team became the champion on the world. Did you heard about it? I am not fan of football, I just heard about it in sport news. Do you like football? My dear friend, I want to tell you that I missed you and your letters this weekend. I wanted to see your e-mails as soon as possible. But I can see it only on Monday and I am glad. Now I want you to tell me about your usual day. I mean what do you do during your usual day? Can you let me know about it XXXXXXXX? I can tell you about it too. I hope it will be interesting for you. Ok, I will do it right now. Usually I get up at 6:30 a.m.(sometimes at 6:00 a.m.) First thing I do after I got up I do physical exercises( about 15-30 minutes) and jog then I go to bath and take a shower and other washing procedures. After shower I go to kitchen and make breakfast. Usually I make eggs with tomatos or bacon or toasts and cup of coffee with cream or tea. Sometimes I eat porridge and milk. I don't eat a lot at the morning. May I ask you? What is your favorite food? I like some kind of pizzas(with cheese, mushrooms, bacon ...) I like grill meat, chicken, seafood (especially squids and red fish). Also I like icecream(chocolate, vanila), pineapples, peaches, apricots and tangerines. I like citrus fruits at all. This is my favorite! Actually in the food I am not pretentious person and I can eat different foods. But I have my favorite kinds of food like any person. What about you %toname? Do you like alcohol drinks? I like to drink a little glass of red wine sometimes. I think I like red wine more than white. My favorite wines are french. Also I like light beer. Mostly I drink russian beer but also I like german beer. But I don't drink a lot. I drink rarely. only during holiday or other significant event. After I had breakfast I take care about my flowers. Did I tell you that I have flowers in my apartment and I like to take care about it? I have not a lot of flowers. I just don't remember that I wrote you about it earlier. Also I take care about my cat Suzy. I give to her the food and play with her a couple of minutes. Then I begin to prepare to move to my job. Usual I go to my work on bus. This trip takes 30 minutes of time. If I be late I can use taxi to reach my work. But I do it very rarely. Because I almost never be late. My work day is start at 8 a.m. and finish at 6 p.m. During work day I have one time for dinner. This time is 12 a.m.- 1 p.m. After work I go to buss stop and move to my home. In the evening when I already at my home I make supper and watch tv. Also sometimes I read books, listen music, play with Suzy and to feed her. Sometimes I visit my parents(usually I visit them on weekend) or friends and we spend time together. XXXXXXXX, how often do you visit friends and family? That's all. This is my usual day. Of course not every day looks like day I wrote about in this letter. But it's usual day I have often. Also I want to remind you I can't write you during weekend. I don't work weekend and I can use computer this time. I have work on weekend very seldom and If I have it I work only on Saturday. It's maximum. Sunday is a holiday always. I hope you can understand. So now I will finish my message. I will wait for your messages too. Hope to see you tomorrow XXXXXXXX.

Your russian friend Natalia.

Hmmmm, long winded letter, did not know someone could talk about nothing for so long, and if you noticed, out phisher or scammer makes his/her first mistake, not counting the pure fact they still do not respond to direct questions. Look for the bolded text. Someones script went afoul .