Letter XIV

Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2006 11:14:33 +0400
From: "Natalia" <magnetic06@lilyway.com>
To: XXXXXXXX@yahoo.com
Subject: Hello, this is Natalia!


Hello there! How are you right now? I am fine and I want to tell you hi from my parents? I visited them yesterday after work and they aksed me to tell you Hi from them. I want to tell you XXXXXXXX that I am glad that I have found you. If to be truthful I didn't hope that I will be lucky in my search. But all the same I have sent you little message about offer to corresponding and I was glad when I have received your message back. I was so excited and so nervous, because it's my first experience to communicate through internet with someone from other country. Can you tell me about your experience of communication through internet. How many contact do you have or had? You are my first contact and I am glad that I have found so nice man. I am glad that you are my friend. I hope maybe sometime we could be more than only friend. I think if we will know each other better it may happen. What do you think about it? I don't remember did I tell you about it or not but I will let you know about it again. I just want to be sure that you know about it. I have started my search of man because I want to find nice kind and tender man and want to connect my life with his life. I just want to find a husband and I want serious relations. If we will stay just a friends it's not a problem. I would like to find new friends. But really I am looking for husband. I want to find a man who can take care about me, who would be truthful, patient, kind and tender with me. I will do the same for him. I want to create family with that man. And if he will be that man I have written about some earlier and if he will love me and will be happy and even difference of age between us is not important. I am not looking for beautiful person specially, it's not main quality in man. Main quality is his inside world, his soul. This is my point of view. Of course you could not be agree with me but I believe that I am right. From day to day I feel more necessity to get your letters. My mood has become better again when I have got your letter. Are you glad to see my letter today XXXXXXXX? I should say when I have a good mood my work seems more easily to me and I almost don't tire. With each next day Your letters like a air for me. Without it I can't to breathe and to live. I am like a flower and your letters are the water. Flower will dry up without water. And I don't know how I can live without your nice letters in future. I already can't live normally without reading your letters. Because I feel something what draws me to you. I live by your letters. Maybe I feel this because it's my first relations with foreign man and I am just inclined to overstatement because of my high emotional level at this time. Perhaps there is other reason. I just not sure. I want to ask you one question. XXXXXXXX, do you like more big cities or country? I mean where would you like more to live? I don't know where it is better. I like both of it. And country and big cities have as minuses and pluses. A big city is a big traffic, fast rhythm of life, garlands of fires, lightning shop windows, high buildings, fountains, cinemas, parks, attractions, theatres. It is wonderful! Of course I like it but our little town or village has a fresh air, a lot of trees and birds, silent and comfort, no hubris and vanity inherent for big cities. We have a lot of small and large lakes and rivers. Such places are very beautiful. But there is no a lot of entertainment and people can feel that civilization walk away them. And if there were no criminals the place could be considered as a Paradise. But alas, the criminals in small cities as well as in the big cities are an integral part of our life. Unfortunately criminals in Russia are stayed on a very high level. But I don't want to tell about sad things. I think we can find more pleasant themes to talk about? Do you agree? Also I want to tell you one thing. I think you will understand me correctly. I would like to answer all your questions and to tell you about all details of me, but I believe it's impossible to do in one e-mail. I will try to tell you about myself as much as I can, but to tell about all things I don't have a lot of time. I think if we would meet we could learn more better about each other, but I think it's not time to think about it now. I think too early. But I hope someday we could do it together. It would be great! What do you think XXXXXXXX? That's all fo now. I have to go to work. See you tomorrow.

Sincerely your Natalia.

P.S. I have attached picture for you. It was taken this spring.

Mum and Dad says hi, to someone they do not know, will never know, and who can think of bad things to....., oh nevermind.