Letter XV

Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2006 11:32:18 +0400
From: "Natalia" <magnetic06@lilyway.com>
To: XXXXXXXX@yahoo.com
Subject: Hello XXXXXXXX!


Hello my dear foreign friend XXXXXXXX! Today is Wednesday and It's lunch time and I can use this time to write you! How are you doing today? How is the weather there? Here is hot and clear day. Yesterday I met some of my friends and we spent nice time together. They invite me to ride on roller skates. Did you try it before? I like it. Also I like to ride on skates at the icerink. But usually I do it in the winter season. But sometimes in the summer together with friends I go to special icerink which located in Abakan. We don't have it here. It would be great if we could ride on skates every time we want. But we don't have place where we can do it constantly. And so we need to wait for a winter and to wait when the ice will cover land. Almost forgot my friends said you Hello XXXXXXXX! Here is some pictures where you can see me when I rode on a skates. These pictures are not recent. It were taken some years ago. I was more younger than now. I don't remember exactly but I think one picture was taken about 5 years ago other picture was taken about 3 years ago. But all the same I decided to send it to you. Hope you will like it. I want to tell you that perhaps I will not be able to write you tomorrow or till thursday. I don't remember did I tell you that I rent my apartment? I just don't remember. The owners of apartment want to sell it and they said I need to leave apartment in couple days. I think I will busy to find other apartment to live. Actually it was not good surprise for me when I knew that I will need to find other place for a living. It was so unexpected for me! I asked owners what was wrong? And they said they want to move to other city forever and they need to sell this apartment to buy new in other city. Thanks the god that I don't have a lot of things and it will be not very hard to move to other place. I think my friends and parents will help me. But I don't know will I be able to write you soon? But If I will have free time I will write you immediately. Also I will try to answer all questions I still didn't answer after I will end my movement to new apartment. That's all my friend. I need to go to work and today in the evening I will began to prepare all things and I will need to package it. I will wait e-mail from you XXXXXXXX. And have a nice day!

Your Natalia(Nata).

For some reason, I thought of Heather Graham, as Roller Girl, from Boogie Nights in the last photo.