Letter XVI

Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2006 11:08:38 +0400
From: "Natalia" <magnetic06@lilyway.com> 
To: XXXXXXXX@yahoo.com
Subject: Have a nice weekend!



Hello XXXXXXXX! Today here is warm summer day too. I like warm weather but sometimes I have a necessity to get cooling. My friend Olga contacted me today and invited me to go to the riverside. Perhaps today after work together with my friends I will go to river to swim. I think it will be good. I like to get cool during hot day. As I promised before, I am writing to you again now. Hope you are feeling good. Am I right? I am fine. Today one more day with ideas and thinkings about you. I always think about you! These thoughts takes a lot of time during day. I want to tell you that in my new apartment there is no telephone line and I gave proposal to install telephone line in my apartment. As you know I rent my apartment and this owner didn't take care that to install telephone. I understand it's not very good, but before I didn't have necessity to have telephone and in my previous apartment there was not telephone too. I could live without it. Perhaps it's sound strange to you but it's true. But now I think I need to get telephone because it would be great if we could talk to each other on the phone. Do you agree? I asked owner about my necessity to get telephone and he said: "If you want telephone you will need to do it by myself. It's your problem." He will not help. But I was not sad. I decided I will do it because I want to hear your voice in reality. I went to telephone company of our town and they said I will have telephone after 2 weeks. So we could call each other! It's little longer term of time than I thought but I think it's great thing! Do you agree with me XXXXXXXX? But now I think we have to be patient. Maybe I will find other way to call you. Maybe I will try to use communication center in our telephone company in Chernogorsk. I don't know right now. But all the same I will try to find something, because I want to talk to you personally so much! Do you feel the same XXXXXXXX? I know you do! Well, can you tell me your correct home phone number so we could talk quietly and long. Or just give me the most convenient number to talk to you. I will be glad! Just don't forget to send me all necessary information about telephone number. I think I will need to know country code, maybe area or city code and your number of course. Please check and send this information to me. I hope it will be not very hard. I will wait this information with impatience! I think it's good news for us. I think in our relations we did one step more to our meeting. Don't you think so? I want to give you my correct address and want you to give me your correct address too. I think I will do it on monday after I will finish my movement to new apartment. I will find out all necessary information about address and will send it to you. I really hope you will send me your home address soon too, so I could write you handwritten letter. Maybe with pictures. Would you like it? You can send me letter too. I will be glad. I found out about how long I will need to wait before I will get your letter. In the post office I found out that this term will be about 30 days. Our mail service is little slow works. Especially if you live in Siberia in the center of so big country like russia. I want to give a warning to you about our mail service. It concerns of sending packages via our mail service. I think it would be not good idea. Please don't send any packages(only letter) to Russia, ok? We have a very, bad mail service and a lot of packages were just stolen. Especially from other countries. I know some stories about it. And I can hear about it constantly. Here is one of it: My mom have heard from her co-worker that the relative of her from another city of Russia named Stavropol' had sent a package to her about 4 months ago and it was not delivered till now! And she was at the post office but they had told her that they didn't get any messages about it! And I had heard that it is not rare occasion in Mail system here in Russia! I have told about it to you because I don't want that you would lose something. I am just taking care about you. I hope you will understand and appraise my care and will follow to my advise. I think our corresponding via e-mails will be enough and more safe for us at this time. Please XXXXXXXX understand it, ok? I beleive you will understand my fears and will send nothing. Ok? I really hope! That's all for today. I have to go. I will miss you this weekend. But I am glad that already on Monday I will be able to write you again! Also I heard about clubs which provides access to internet to anyone for payment. I will find out about it and about their prices. I hope I could use their service to communicate together with you. I am not sure right now but I will try to figure out how to do it. Ok, that really all for now. See you on Monday XXXXXXXX.

Your Natalia(Nata).

P.S. Almost forgot I have attached picture for you. It was taken at my work 2 months ago. You can see cabinet and my work table. I work with two other women in this cabinet. One of them is main accountant and second is cashier.

Showing a little leg to get the victim excited, and yet still at this point, no more replies have been sent, and they still keep it up as if you are replying and asking for more.