Letter XX

Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2006 10:35:14 +0400
From: "Natalia" <magnetic06@lilyway.com>
To: XXXXXXXX@yahoo.com
Subject: Private, intimate information...



Hi my dear XXXXXXXX. Here is a picture for you my dear XXXXXXXX. This is picture for you only! The quality of this picture is not very good. Sorry. I will try to prepare other picture soon. I think it will be more better picture. I want to ask you was your day? Did you think about me? How are you doing now? I am fine despite of cool weather(+17 Celsius today) because I am thinking of you XXXXXXXX!How is the weather there? I hope not bad. I miss you my dear! Every day when I think about you I want to meet you, touch you and kiss you more and more. My wish is growing up with every minute. My heart is beating stronger and faster when I imagine about us and our meeting! Do you know, why? Because I love you XXXXXXXX!!! Do you feel the same? I think it would be great to see each other face to face one day! Do you agree? I think we would spend a wonderful time together with you XXXXXXXX and would learn more personally about each other! What do you think about it my dear? Would you like it? Do you have any dreams about our first meeting, my love? If we will meet someday I would like to spend a lot of time together with you. I would like to meet your friends, family and I would be glad if you will show me your home area. It will be great thing if we would spend time together on the nature, on the coast of a lake, a river, maybe even an ocean and have a picnic. I like to be on the coast and I like water at all. I have never been and never seen an ocean just the sea. I think an ocean is great. Maybe someday I can see it in real. I would like to be there with you. Just you, XXXXXXXX and me! What do you think about it my single man in this world? Yes, you are my single man I love and will love forever. Do you know it XXXXXXXX? I want you to know about it! This are words from my heart! What do your heart speak to you XXXXXXXX? I would like to know what your heart speaks to you about me! I need it like every man need air to breath, like every plant need sun and water to grow up! Please let me know XXXXXXXX! You are my LIFE!!! I need you and your the nicest letters because when I get any message from you my mood is becoming better. You see now how I feel about you! I hope your feelings are mutual and you want to meet me too as I do! I think our meeting will be a big step or a next level of our relations! Do you agree with me? I believe in it and want to make this dream to reality. Do you want it? Will you help me with it? I want to ask you XXXXXXXX, what do you think about intimate and sexual relations between two people? I think now is time to talk about it. I believe we can discuss it together. I hope you are ok to talk about it with me. I suppose it's very important and one of the main things of relations. Do you think the same? I want to ask you what do you think about sex? I want to tell you about this question. As you know I am a straight woman. I don't welcome bisexual kind of relations such as gays and lesbians do. I don't dislike them and even we can be friends but I don't understand why guys prefer men or lesbians prefer women? As you already guessed I am not a bi-sexual person and I had no such experience of relations before and don't wish for this in future. I have never tried group sex and don't want to try. At least I don't want it this time. I don't like it. I know that I need only one man who I will give all my love and passion. I am sure you will be agree with my point of view. I want to tell you about other my views. I like ordinary sex. I would like to make love together with my beloved man as often as we would want. I hope you will not mad at me because of it but I want to tell you about my more details of making love. I had relations in my past and of course I had sexual relations but as you know that relations had bad end and I don't want to remember it. Because it make me only hurt. I hope you can understand. So, more about making love: my favorite positions are missioner position, doggy style position and also I like to be on the top. What are your favorite positions? Also I like oral sex. I like to give and to get it both. Do you know about 69 position? I like it. I don't know what to tell you about anal sex because I didn't try it before. I would not be against to try it someday if we would want to try it of course. I think we could discuss all details about it together in the future and I think we would decide right decision. I think people need to trust each other, need to consult with each other and need to understand each other in such important thing as sex. I hope that I didn't push off you by my words about sex. I think we are adult people and we have to talk about these things. What do you think XXXXXXXX? Please tell me about your views on this question. I need to know about it. I will finish my letter now. Hope you will be glad to get it and I just want to tell you again "I love you my dear XXXXXXXX". Please know it and don't forget. I will wait for your next letter with great impatience! And please, please don't be angry to me about this letter. I just wanted to know your point of view and wanted to tell you I have no any secrets from you. I hope we can talk about all things we need to discuss. I hope I am not mistaken and you feel the same XXXXXXXX!

Only your Natalia!

P.S. I wanted to tell you some russian words. So you can see how men calls their beloved women here. Lubimaya - beloved, prekrasnaya - wonderful, krasivaya - beautiful, dorogaya - dear, honey, sladkaya - sweet. I hope I can hear these words from you someday!

If this was an American woman (and a rel woman at all), we would be running for the hills, clingy, over-affectionate, quick to become attached. What do we call them here, oh yeah, psycho! And what is so private about a upper bikini shot??