Letter XXII

Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2006 10:55:35 +0400
From: "Natalia" <magnetic06@lilyway.com>
To: XXXXXXXX@yahoo.com
Subject: I missed you!



Hi my lovely XXXXXXXX! It's not long letter from me. I just write you from internet club Because the computer at my work is broken. The service man said that it will be repaired tomorrow. I am glad that repair will not take long time. How was your weekend XXXXXXXX? Was it nice weekend? I missed you last two days very, very much! Did you feel the same? Today is little warmer as yesterday. Only +18 Celsius. But seems to me that we will have hot weather soon. I really hope for it. I awoke this morning with very good thoughts. I have seen other dream about us. Yes, I know exactly that it was you and me in my dream. You know, it was a wonderful dream! We had a leisurely walk on the seaside. We were going so close from the coast that the waves caresses our feet. There was so beautiful blue sky and the seagulls were spining just under our heads. We were holding on our hands, talking and laughing about something. Suddenly we stopped. Our eyes had meet - I was ready to sink in the depth of your eyes... Then we had a long passion kiss. It was amazing! So real! I couldn't forget it! After this you lifted me up and brought me from the bank to the place where the sand was not so wet. You laid me carefully down on the sand and began to flatter me! Dzing-dzing-dzing!!!!!!!!! My alarm clock had awake me. Damn! I was upset a little! The dream was so natural! I began to believe that it is a truth. So romantic! What do you think! Is it possible? Tell me can we repeat it in one's walking hours? I hope we'll do! Well I came to the window, the sky is clear and sun was shining brightly and I was able to feel the gentle rays of the sun. I wish that this dream will come true someday and I'll keep the warmth of your kiss in my heart! Did you see dream about us? I really hope that we can meet each other someday. Do you want it XXXXXXXX? Are you sure? I am sure that i want it so much! I would like to visit you and stay with for a while like a guest. What do you think about it. Would you be an attentive master when I would come to you? Would you take care about your loving Natalia? Would you meet me with your friend and family? Would you show me your home area and other your favorite places? I would love to be there one day! I think It would be great thing! We could learn about each other more personally! Do you agree with your Natalia? Do you want it? I have never been in your country earlier but I would like to come to see it. May it happen? Is my dream real? I really hope for it! I want to think that this is possible and we can be together! I love you XXXXXXXX very much! See you soon!

With love yours Natalia!

P.S. Here is my picture for my dear XXXXXXXX! As I promised.

Thei is starting to read like a dime store romance novel.... And please, come out, visit, let's see how hairy your chin really is...