Letter XXIII

Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2006 10:56:43 +0400
From: "Natalia" <magnetic06@lilyway.com>
To: XXXXXXXX@yahoo.com
Subject: Hello my love!



Hi my beloved XXXXXXXX! Today I do not work at second half of the day. Because all my work is done and I decided to go home on foot. You know sometimes I like to walk and to think while I'm going. Today the temperature is quite warm and I walked slowly. I walked and thought about all the events that take place in our world. I always think that everyone on our planet wants to live happy - to go to the job, to come back home to their family, to play with kids and many other good things. I want yo be happy to and want to have my family. I have never been married but I think one day I will marry and will create family with man I love. It's you XXXXXXXX. But if it is so I can't understand from where all the terrorists and crime are coming? I was very shocked by events of 11 September in New York. It was so so terrible. All the world was scandalized! I hate terrorism and violation at all. We have here a lot of terrorist acts too. I mean russia. Some acts took place in Moscow but a lot of terrorist acts take place in Dagestan and Chechnya. Do you know something about it? I hate it. I hate wars and violence! A lot of civilians are suffering because of wars. Indeed people can't live in peace?! During the whole history of our world people kill other people. Who is right? May be somebody is right and somebody is wrong in quarrel? The most interesting thing in this question that always the enemies or belligerents are sure that exactly they are right! How do you think XXXXXXXX? There are so many wonderful things in our life! We just have to learn to see all these things! We have to get free from all bad thoughts that we have. As for me I don't like greed, envy, a lie and a fear. I do think that these thoughts are the root of every evil! Do you think as I am XXXXXXXX? Everybody of us can say that his family and friends are good men but if it is so from where evil men are? I dream that someday mankind will live in the harmony with the nature and each other! I think that is possible and we must begin from ourselves! I do believe that the humanity is not hopelessly! Do you agree with me XXXXXXXX? Hope you do. But for now I don't see how we can do that. The only thing that is warming me is you XXXXXXXX! You are like a sun for me in this world! And I can't imagine what will be with me if I'll loose you someday. I want to feel your kisses, your embrace! I love you very much XXXXXXXX and always will! I want to be close to you. I want to feel your touches your skin and lips. I want to see you near me when I awake in the morning. I want that you make some tender things while I am still in bed. Would you like it honey? By the way what do you wear to the bed? Do you like to be nude when you sleep? I like it and sometimes I do it. Would you like to be nude with me in one bed when we sleep? Usually I wear only strings underpants. I hope you can understand me. I just don't know how to say it correctly. Sometimes I wear short nightdress. I think if people love each other it's great! and even long distance and different of age are not be able to apart them. I think it's not a problem for me. What about you XXXXXXXX? Do you think the same? I think that it's true if their love is real! I wanted to send you other my picture. Here is it. I hope you like it like I love yours.

XXXXXXXX, don't forget that you have a woman that loves you!

With love and infinite amount of kisses, Natalia!

Awww, I am loved.........machine love maybe, haaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaha,............