Letter XXIV

Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2006 10:26:20 +0400
From: "Natalia" <magnetic06@lilyway.com>
To: XXXXXXXX@yahoo.com
Subject: Ya tebya lublyu! - I love you!



Hello my single love in the world. Yes it's you XXXXXXXX. I am very glad to get your letters. I am glad always when I have your new e-mails! Thank you dear! How are you feeling? How was your day? Right now I am fine but tired a little. Work was hard today. Do you tire often on your work? Someday I feel so empty and depressed because I had so hard days. But in such moments my friends try to make my mood better. I express gratitude them. I know if you have a real friends, who can help you in difficult period of time it's great! Do you agree? When I think of you my mood becomes better too. Do you do the same when you think of me? I hope so. XXXXXXXX I want to tell you again. I write you from work and I don't have always time to write you a lot. I hope you can understand me. I do all what I can and I try to write about all themes and to answer all question you asking me. But it's impossible to do in one letter. I think it's not a problem if I will answer to your question in different e-mails. You can do the same to me and it will not be a problem for me. Ok? But please read my letters attentively and maybe you can find a lot of answers for your current questions. I already told you so much details of me! I just pray the god that all my letters comes to you! I love you my XXXXXXXX! Ya tebya lublyu! This is russian variant of this three words! Just try to read like characters without transcription and you can imagine how it sounds. Some later I will send you some other words on russian. Hope you will be interested! I want to ask you about my english again. Is my english good? As I already wrote you before I learned it in school and in the university. Some time I am practicing English by myself. I think it's great when people can speak more that one language. I think it bring them together. I try to not use the translator and dictionaries. I can read, write and speak not bad. I think you can hear how I speak soon, when I will call to you! I believe it will be soon! Did you remember I have asked you about your phone number? So if the number I asked you about before will be correct we can talk together soon! Also I found out about service of internet club here. I am sorry but they don't have web camera and they don't have installed any of messengers to chat on-line. I am so sorry. Chernogorsk is a little town and all what people wants here is e-mail client and browser. So I can use only this kind of software. I hope you can understand. I think we could find some time to talk together live someday. But I think it's not a big problem for us if we can't do it right now. We can use e-mail service for dating! It's great thing too! Don't you agree? By the way I thought about more sexual pictures. I will try to do all what I can and I hope it will be taken soon. I will let you know immediately and will send it to you. But these pictures will be only for your eyes!!! Do you understand? Please promise me that no one else will see it. I think it will not be nude pictures, because I don't think that it is a good idea to send nude pictures through internet. I hope you can understand me. I think if we want see each other more undressed we have to be patient and if we will meet we can do it and will enjoy this moment greatly. Don't you think so? All the same this is my point of view! I visited Olga yesterday and had talk with her. She feeling better and she have told that she will leave hospital 28 July. She is already recovered! I am glad for her! Olga said hi To you XXXXXXXX! She have told me that she will go to get a massage after she will recover completely . She will get 20 procedures during one month. It's a relaxing massage. I think it's good thing. I like massage too. I like to get it and to give it to someone. Maybe someday I can give it to you dear! Or maybe you give it to me? Would you like to give it to me someday? I think it would be very nice! Do you agree? I think if we will meet each other we have to try it to get massage from each other. I would like to meet you and spend time together with you some weeks or little more. I think we could have a great time together. What do you think about it? Maybe some of our dreams could be a real when we will be together. If we would decide to stay me with you for all the time I would like to get a job for my specialty. I think it could happen. I like my work and I would like to take care about children. But maybe I could learn other specialty. Would you help me with search of job for me? I think you would help because you love me. I would do all what I can for you my love too. Because I love you and this feeling is real. I am sure! Trust me. I know what I am talking about! I am glad that I have found you. I am happy! If someone ask me what would I changed in my life if I would have occasion to do it? I would answer - almost nothing. Because I have lived not bad period of my life and because I have met you. All I want now it's to meet you in person. Do you know that I am preparing documents to visit you. This is one of my surprises for you! I think I will let you know when it will be done. Don't worry. I will inform you necessarily. I hope it's good news for you honey! I know some girls of our town who have met australian and american men and who have left russia and now they live there. I heard that that girls are happy with their husbands. I am glad for them. I think it's great when people from different continents can meet each other and then even marry. Do you agree with me? Maybe it will happen with us. It would be greatest thing for me! Hope for you too! I dream about it a lot. I need you and want to meet you face to face! I want to give you a long and hot kiss! Do you like to kiss? Would you like to kiss me? I would! I miss you my dear so much. Especially weekends when I can't get access to computer at my work. This time I can see your letter and I am happy but all the same I will wait next day with great impatience to check my mailbox and to see your new e-mail! I dream to meet you one time and never apart. XXXXXXXX do you like to play games. I mean sexual games. It's like a prelude. Did you try it before? Do you want to try it with me when we will meet? I didn't try but I want to do it especially together with you. What about doctor and patient? I have a intimate dream to play doctor and patient together with you when we will met. Would you like to play with me? Would you like to be my patient? Would you trust yourself to me? I promise I would be very good doctor. What do you think about it my dear? Ok, I will let you think about it. I will not head you off. Let me know later about it? I will finish my letter for today. I will wait your next letter tomorrow.

I love you.

Your russian love - Natalia.

Doctor Doctor, can't you see I'm hurting hurting......... (lil 80's flashback, heheh)